xfstt(1) X11 Font Server for TrueType fonts


xfstt [options]


Xfstt serves TrueType fonts to X11 servers. Start xfstt then tell X11 about the font server with xset fp+ unix/:7101 or (assuming the X11 server runs on host xset fp+ inet/


Synchronize the font database with installed fonts and exit when done. Don't do this while xfstt is running.
Print font list in a format usable for ghostscript during --sync.
--user username
This is a security feature which is designed to lessen the impact of any future security holes which are found in xfstt. This will cause xfstt to set its UID and GID to that of the specified user (if that user doesn't exist then it will use your current UID and GID)
--encoding item[,...]
Remap to different encodings, listed each separated by a comma. Default is iso8859-1. Usage example:
xfstt --encoding iso8859-2,koi8-r,windows-1251
--port number
Change the port number for xfstt's font services. This version of Xfstt defaults to port 7101.
Don't open TCP socket, use unix domain only.
--dir name
Change xfstt's font directory. The default directory is /usr/share/fonts/truetype.
--cache name
Change xfstt's font cache directory. The default directory is /var/cache/xfstt.
--pidfile name
Change xfstt's pidfile location. The default file name is /var/run/xfstt.pid.
--res value
Force the resolution for underspecified fonts to value (typically 96 or 120). Default is the value the X11 server suggests which can be adjusted by the -dpi option of the X11 server. Standard X11 servers have defaults of 72 dpi.
Allow some more unicode characters. This is dangerous for many X11 servers. Start the X server with the "-deferglyphs 16" option to give the X server a better chance of surviving. For very carefully implemented X servers you may recompile with UNSTRAPLIMIT set to 65535 in order to get the complete unicode range.
Exit after the font client disconnects.
Tell xfstt to be used as inetd service.
Behave like a daemon.
Print brief usage information on standard output and exit.
Show the program version.


Originally written by Herbert Duerr <[email protected]>.
Has been maintained by Steven Carpenter <[email protected]>.
Current maintainer is Guillem Jover <[email protected]>.