xglaresrc(1) dislpay glare sources under X11


xglaresrc [ -n windowname ][ -c r g b ] pictfile [ glarefile ]


Xglaresrc displays the sources located by findglare(1) in the picture pictfile by displaying their average luminance and drawing circles around them in the image. If pictfile is already being displayed by ximage(1), xglaresrc will raise (or deiconify) this window. If pictfile is not being displayed, xglaresrc will start ximage(1) in the background automatically. (To quit from ximage(1), you can type 'q' in its display window.) Usually, pictfile will be the image that was used by findglare(1) to locate glare sources.

If the desired image is being displayed under a different name, perhaps even by a different display program than ximage(1), the -n option can be used to give an alternative windowname for locating the correct display window, and the -c option can be used to specify a different line and text color (default 1 0 0). If the inpute glarefile is not given, xglaresrc reads from its standard input.


Greg Ward


Work on this program was initiated and sponsored by the LESO group at EPFL in Switzerland.