XML::Compile::SOAP::Util(3) general purpose routines for XML::Compile::SOAP


   is a Exporter


This module collects functions which are useful on many places in the SOAP implementation, just as XML::Compile::Util does for general XML implementations (often you will needs things from both).

On the moment, only a long list of constant URIs are exported.



The export TAG ":soap11" groups the SOAP version 1.1 related exported constants "SOAP11ENV", "SOAP11ENC", actor "SOAP11NEXT", and http indicator "SOAP11HTTP".

The export TAG ":wsdl11" groups the exported WSDL version 1.1 related constants "WSDL11", "WSDL11SOAP", "WSDL11HTTP", "WSDL11MIME", "WSDL11SOAP12".

The export TAG ":daemon" refers currently only to the constant "MSEXT", which refers to the MicroSoft Extension Framework namespace.

Besides, this tag also defines namespaces for server implementations: "XC_DAEMON_NS" refers to the XML::Compile::SOAP::Daemon server.

The export TAG ":xop10" refers to "XOP10", "XMIME10" and "XMIME11"


 use XML::Compile::SOAP::Util qw/:soap11 WSDL11/;


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