xmlindent(1) XML stream reformatter


xmlindent [-o output file] [-i indent level] [-l max columns] [-n newline position] [-t] [-c] [-f] [-w] [-h] [-v]


XML Indent is a XML stream reformatter written in ANSI C. It is analogous to GNU indent.


-o output file
Write indented XML to output file
-i indent level
Indent each level indent level spaces deeper
-l max columns
Wrap lines longer than max columns
Use tabs instead of spaces
Suppress newline after start-tag
Suppress newline after end-tag
Suppress newline before start-tag
Suppress newline before end-tag
Force newline on elements without children
Overwrite original file
Show version
Show command line help


Pekka Enberg <[email protected]>
Thomas Fischer <[email protected]> (man page)