xmltrip.native(1) XML round trip: parses XML files and prints them


xmltrip.native ,<options> <files>/


Reads xml files and outputs them on stdout. Options:
-enc <enc>, use specified encoding, utf-8, utf-16, utf-16be, utf-16le,
iso-8859-1, ascii (otherwise guesses).
-strip strip and collapse white space in character data.
-ns replace unbound namespaces prefixes by themselves (on input and output).
-eref replace unknown entity references by their name.
-xhtml resolve XHTML character entities.
-p parse only, no output.
-t build document tree in memory.
-signals outputs the stream of signals instead of xml (excludes -t).
-ot output document ascii outline instead of xml.
-indent indent xml output.
-trip <suffix>, result for file <file> is output to a file <file.suffix>.
Display this list of options
Display this list of options