XML::XQL::Date(3) Adds an XQL::Node type for representing and comparing dates and times


use XML::XQL;
use XML::XQL::Date;
my $query = new XML::XQL::Query (Expr => "doc//timestamp[. < date('12/31/1999')]");
my @results = $query->solve ($doc);


This package uses the Date::Manip package to add an XQL node type (called XML::XQL::Date) that can be used to represent dates and times. The Date::Manip package can parse almost any date or time format imaginable. (I tested it with Date::Manip 5.33 and I know for sure that it doesn't work with 5.20 or lower.)

It also adds the XQL date function which creates an XML::XQL::Date object from a string. See XML::XQL::Tutorial for a description of the date() function.

You can plug in your own Date type, if you don't want to use Date::Manip
 for some reason. See XML::XQL and the XML::XQL::Date source file for more details.