xracer-blender2track(1) generate a XRacer track from a Blender exported description file


xracer-blender2track [ --verbose ] [ --silent ] [ --only-scenery ] [ --track-height=TRACK_HEIGHT ] [ --track-depth=TRACK_DEPTH] [ --track-expansion=FACTOR ] [ blender.export ] [ OBJ,TEXTURE,TEXSCALE,ROTATION [ ... ] ]

xracer-blender2track help | ?


xracer-blender2track is a perl script that takes a track description file exported from Blender with help of the xracer-blenderexport Python module. It generates a C source file that contains code suitable to be used as a track description in the game XRacer.


This documentation for xracer-blender2track was written by Filip Van Raemdonck ([email protected]) for the Debian prepackaged version of XRacer. It is uncertain which of the persons listed in the AUTHORS file distributed with the XRacer sources has written the actual script.