xsendkeys(8) send a named key combination to X using strings


xsendkeys keystring


xsendkeys is a simple program which allows you to send a key or key combination to X. For example: xsendkeys a will send the letter a. If you wanted to send a capital a 'A' you would have to send: xsendkeys Shift_L+a

xsendkeys Shift_L+Right will send the key combination shift+right arrow. The names of the keys must be the exact names X would expect (use xev to see keynames when in doubt). Unlike xsendkeycode xsendkeys automatically sends corresponding keydown and keyup events. This helper application is not used from lineakd(1) but is included to allow scripts to send keys to X.


xsendkeys was written by Sheldon Lee-Wen <[email protected]>.