xsensors(1) display hardware sensor information as a graphical read-out.


xsensors [OPTION]...


View the output from the libsensors library regarding hardware health in a graphical read-out.


display all temperatures in Fahrenheit.
-c filename
specify the libsensors configuration file.
-i filename
specify the image file to use as the graphical theme.
-t time
specify the update interval in seconds.
display the version number.


To find the proper kernel modules necessary for xsensors to work, please run the sensors-detect command as superuser and follow the on-screen instructions; a reboot may be required. The sensors-detect command is provided by the lm-sensors package.


/usr/share/pixmaps/xsensors/default.xpm: the default graphical theme.

/etc/sensors3.conf: the default configuration file.


This manual page was written by Nick Rusnov <[email protected]> and Nanley Chery <[email protected]> for the Debian GNU/Linux system (but may be used by others).