yhsm-init-oath-token(1) Tool to add an OATH token to the yhsm-validation-server(1) database.


yhsm-init-oath-token --key-handle kh --uid name [options]


Use this tool to add OATH token entrys to the yhsm-validation-server(1) database.


-D, --device
device file name (default: /dev/ttyACM0)
-v, --verbose
enable verbose operation
enable debug printout, including all data sent to/from YubiHSM
overwrite any present entry
--key-handle kh
key handle to create AEAD. Examples : "1", "0xabcd".
--uid name
user id (lookup key in token database)
--oath-c num
initial OATH counter value (integer)
--test-oath-window num
number of codes to search with --test-code
--test-code digits
optional OTP from token for verification
--oath-k str
secret HMAC-SHA-1 key of the token, hex encoded
--db-file fn
db file for storing AEADs for later use by the yhsm-validation-server(1) (default: /var/yubico/yhsm-validation-server.db)


Report python-pyhsm/yhsm-init-oath-token bugs in the issue tracker <URL: https://github.com/Yubico/python-pyhsm/issues/ >