yhsm-validation-server(1) Credential validation server utilizing YubiHSM


yhsm-validation-server [mode]


This is a validation server using the YubiHSM for cryptographic operations.

It is primarily built to validate YubiKey OTPs (not stored in the YubiHSM internal database), but it can also validate OATH token codes and legacy passwords.


-D, --device
device file name (default: /dev/ttyACM0)
-v, --verbose
enable verbose operation
enable debug printout, including all data sent to/from YubiHSM
--U, --serve-url base
base of URL for validation web service (default: /yhsm/validate?)
--port num
port to listen on (default: 8003)
--addr addr
address to bind to (default:
--hmac-kh kh
key handle to use for HMAC-SHA-1. Examples : "1", "0xabcd".
--hotp-window num
number of OATH counter values to try (default: 5)
--db-file fn
db file holding AEADs (see yhsm-init-oath-token(1)) (default: /var/yubico/yhsm-validation-server.db)
--clients-file fn
text file with mode OTP validation client shared secrets (see yhsm-init-oath-token(1)) (default: /var/yubico/yhsm-validation-server.db)
--pid-file fn
write process id of server to this file


Validate YubiKey OTP against entry in the YubiHSM internal database. Response should be compatible with those of yubikey-val-server-php <URL: http://code.google.com/p/yubikey-val-server-php/ >.
Validate YubiKey OTP against entry in the YubiHSM internal database. Returns a single line with the decrypted information from the OTP, compatible with yubikey-ksm <URL: http://code.google.com/p/yubikey-ksm/ >.
Validate codes using the OATH HOTP algorithm, performing the HMAC-SHA-1 inside the YubiHSM.
Validate that a string (a PBKDF2 hash of a password for example) matches the one in an AEAD. Can be used to protect legacy passwords within an AEAD only readable to a YubiHSM, but still recoverable if you know the AEAD key (since you put it in the YubiHSM).


This file holds HMAC-SHA-1 secrets shared between the validation client and server.

An example file, with a single entry for id 4711 would be :

# hash-style comments and blank lines are ignored
# end


Report python-pyhsm/yhsm-validation-server bugs in the issue tracker <URL: https://github.com/Yubico/python-pyhsm/issues/ >