yi(1) text editor extensible in Haskell




Yi is a text editor written and extensible in Haskell. Consult the html documentation for a full description of its behaviour.

Run self-checks
-f frontend --frontend=frontend
Select frontend (one of vty, gtk, pango, cocoa).
-y config --config-file=config
Specify a configuration file.
-V --version
Show version information
-h --help
Show help message.
Write debug information in a log file.
-l num --line=num
Start on given line number
Start with key bindings of given editor.
Force recompile of custom Yi before starting.
Resume execution of Yi from previous state.
Recompile custom Yi if required then exit.


It can be configured in ~/.config/yi/yi.hs; consult the html documentation.


Bug reports should be posted to the Google issue tracker <http://code.google.com/p/yi-editor/issues/>. Other suggestions or ideas may be posted to the yi-devel <[email protected]> mailing list.


Copyright © 2004-2005 Don Stewart, except for components derived from Riot <http://iki.fi/tuomov/riot/>, Copyright © Tuomo Valkonen.

Yi is released under the terms of the GPL.


Yi is developed by a team of many developers, currently lead by Jean-Philippe Bernardy.