z88dk-z80asm(1) Z80 assembler compiler.


z88dk-z80asm [options] [ @<modulefile> | {<filename>} ]


This manual page documents briefly the z88dk tools. This manual page was written for the Debian GNU/Linux distribution (but may be used by others), because the original program does not have a manual page.

z88dk-z80asm is a Z80 assembler cross compiler.

Please refer to the z88dk documentation in /usr/share/doc/z88dk-doc/ for the complete description of the system. If /usr/share/doc/z88dk-doc not exists, please install the package z88dk-doc.


display help
defines option to be turned OFF (except -r -R -i -x -D -t -o)
listing file
symbol table,
map listing file
Explicit relocation <ORG> defined in hex (ignore ORG in first module)
Interpret 'Invoke' as RST 28h
Generate relocatable code (Automatical relocation before execution)
define symbol as logically TRUE (used for conditional assembly)
assemble files & link to ORG address. -c split code in 16K banks
date stamp control, assemble only if source file > object file -a: -b & -d (assemble only updated source files, then link & relocate)
-o<bin filename>
expl. output filename, -g XDEF reloc. addr. from all modules
include <library> LIB modules with .obj modules during linking
create library from specified modules ( e.g. with @<modules> )
tabulator width for .map, .def, .sym files. Column width is 4 times -t

Default options: -nv -nd -nb -nl -s -m -ng -nc -nR -t8


z88dk was written by Dominic Morris <[email protected]>, and others. z80asm was written by Gunther Strube <[email protected]>. This manual page was written by Krystian Wlosek <[email protected]> using exists documentation, for the Debian GNU/Linux system.