__gnu_pbds::detail::trie_policy_base< Node_CItr(3) _Alloc >


Inherits __gnu_pbds::detail::branch_policy< Node_CItr, Node_Itr, _Alloc >.

Inherited by __gnu_pbds::trie_order_statistics_node_update< Node_CItr, Node_Itr, _ATraits, _Alloc > [private], and __gnu_pbds::trie_prefix_search_node_update< Node_CItr, Node_Itr, _ATraits, _Alloc > [private].

Public Types

typedef _ATraits access_traits

typedef _Alloc allocator_type

typedef node_const_iterator::value_type const_iterator

typedef node_iterator::value_type iterator

typedef base_type::key_const_reference key_const_reference

typedef base_type::key_type key_type

typedef null_type metadata_type

typedef Node_CItr node_const_iterator

typedef Node_Itr node_iterator

typedef allocator_type::size_type size_type

Protected Types

typedef rebind_v::const_pointer const_pointer

typedef rebind_v::const_reference const_reference

typedef Node_Itr::value_type it_type

typedef remove_const< key_type >::type rckey_type

typedef remove_const< value_type >::type rcvalue_type

typedef _Alloc::template rebind< rckey_type >::other rebind_k

typedef _Alloc::template rebind< rcvalue_type >::other rebind_v

typedef rebind_v::reference reference

typedef std::iterator_traits< it_type >::value_type value_type

Protected Member Functions

virtual const_iterator end () const =0

virtual iterator end ()=0

it_type end_iterator () const

virtual const access_traits & get_access_traits () const =0

virtual node_const_iterator node_begin () const =0

virtual node_iterator node_begin ()=0

virtual node_const_iterator node_end () const =0

virtual node_iterator node_end ()=0

Static Protected Member Functions

static size_type common_prefix_len (node_iterator, e_const_iterator, e_const_iterator, const access_traits &)

static key_const_reference extract_key (const_reference r_val)

static iterator leftmost_it (node_iterator)

static bool less (e_const_iterator, e_const_iterator, e_const_iterator, e_const_iterator, const access_traits &)

static iterator rightmost_it (node_iterator)

Detailed Description

template<typename Node_CItr, typename Node_Itr, typename _ATraits, typename _Alloc>

class __gnu_pbds::detail::trie_policy_base< Node_CItr, Node_Itr, _ATraits, _Alloc >" Base class for trie policies.

Definition at line 53 of file trie_policy_base.hpp.


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