aa_createedit(3) Simple interactive line editor provided as helper function.


#include <aalib.h>

struct aa_edit *aa_createedit
       aa_context *c,

       int x,

       int y,

       int size,

       char *s,

       int maxsize



aa_context *c
Specifies the AA-lib context to operate on.
int x
X coordinate of the edited text.
int y
Y coordinate of the edited text.
int size
Length of the editor window.
char *s
Buffer to edit (containing default value).
int maxsize
Size of the buffer.


You might use this function to input strings in AA-lib programs. This function initializes the aa_edit structure used by event-based editor. You might then call the aa_editkey function when key is pressed.


Pointer to edit context when succesfull and NULL on failure.