antsMotionCorrStats(1) part of ANTS registration suite



antsMotionCorrStats - create summary measures of the parameters that are output by antsMotionCorr. Currently only works for linear transforms. Outputs the mean and max displacements for the voxels within a provided mask, at each time point. By default the displacements are relative to the reference space, but the framewise option may be used to provide displacements between consecutive time points


-x, --mask mask.nii.gz
Mask image - compute displacements within mask.
-m, --moco MOCOparams.csv
motion correction parameters from antsMotionCorr.
-o, --output corrected.csv
Specify the output file
-t, --transform
Specify the index for a 3D transform to output
-f, --framewise
do framewise summarywise stats <VALUES>: 0
-s, --spatial-map
output image of displacement magnitude
-d, --timeseries-displacement
output 4d time-series image of displacement magnitude
Print the help menu (short version). <VALUES>: 0
Print the help menu. <VALUES>: 1, 0