asused(3) summaries address space used and according to the RIPE DB and REG.


asused [--all] [--aw | --approval] [--overlap] [--status | --assign[--pipa] ] regid

asused [--all] [--aw | [--approval] [--overlap] [--status | --assign [--pipa] ] [--regid regid] (prefix ...)

asused [--<options>] regid | prefix


asused is a tool to summaries address space is registered in the RIPE database. For each allocated inetnum object a summary of used and free address space is printed. A grant total summary for all prefixes is also provided. If there are no errors in locating allocations and and assignments under an allocation. In in the total % are calculated on total allocations.


regid is name of registry as in registry database.

prefix is allocation as in whois database. e.g. a.b.c/16 . Prefix is queried whois DB to find all Less specific matches inetnum with na as netname is interpreted as allocation and summerize the allocation.


--assign print all assignments under allocations, size, date and net name . Summary of assignments. And free address space. Summary of status attribute.
--all this same as three options --overlap --status --aw.
--approval Check the all networks in allocations are valid or not. Print valid and invalid networks. --aw only print invalid networks.
--aw Check the all networks in allocations are valid or not. Print only Invalid networks. --approval will print valid and invalid.
--contacts print admin-c/tech-c for all inetnums
--help Shows the usage of asused.
--overlap print the details of overlapping assignments. Summary of overlap per assignment is printed at the end.
--reg regid. regid to locate the allocation. Netname of allocation is same as regid, translating the first '.' to '-' IN upper case. If not specified uses i2r to get regid.
--status show assignments under allocations with wrong status attribute other than ASSIGNED PA or PI. MISSING for missing status. size and net name. Summary of assignments. No of Assignment(s) , No Assignments with status ASSIGNED PA or ASSIGNED PI, No Assignments with status ASSIGNED PI,No Assignments, No Assignments with Missing status attribute,No Assignments with other values status attribute, none of other . Warnings on assignments.


--port port query another whois server on the port. Default is 43.
--host whoishost query another whois server. Default is Can query only to RIPE whois server. Server version tested '2.1'
--na netname show event table for approval of netname. Used with --aw or --approval
-pipa additional flag to the --assign option to print allocation status in output. PA is for ALLOCATED PA, PI - ALLOCATED PI, UN for UNSPECIFED, -- is for missed status field.
--version print version of asused.


No allocations from reg Could not locate any allocations in use from registry.
No allocations from DB No inetnum object was recognized as allocation in the RIPE Database.
% No entries found for the selected source(s). No assignment(s) found under the allocation. May be a new allocation or allocation which has no objects in RIPE DB. Not sure to treat as 100 % free.
ERROR MISMATCH Netname regid RIPE DB Netame attribute has mismatch with na or regid.
ERROR STATUS May be incorrect status attribute in the RIPE DB, Valid status ALLOCATED (PA|PI|UNSPECIFIED)
ERROR mnt-byInvalid <mnt-by> attribute in RIPE DB expecting RIPE-NCC-MNT|RIPE-NCC-HM-MNT|RIPE-NCC-HM-PI-MNT
Inconsistent with inetnum Encountered two inetnum objects with same logical start and end. Logical interpretation of inetnum a.b.c.0 => a.b.c.0 - a.b.c.255; a.b.c.0 - a.b.d.0 => a.b.c.0 - a.b.d.255
Classfull notation Intrepreted as class full object. Check if no of address are counted correctly.
Multiple inetnum When tried to locate an allocation inetnum object for regid prefix from RIPE DB with option -L -F -T prefix returned multiple objects. Every prefix can have only one allocation object.
NOT Counted Assignment If the assignment is outside the boundaries of allocation. It was returned by -M query RIPE whois server.
Invalid inetnum Logical interpretation of inetnum fails. Probably can not identify start, end of end < start.
Assignments has Invalid Date one of the dates of inetnum in the changed attribute is invalid.


Perl 5.00404 or later. Connection to RIPE whois server V 2.1, Perl Modules Socket Getopt::Long, regread, ipv4pack


Could give incorrect summary if logical interpretation of Inetnum is not exact a.b.c.0 - a.b.c.0 is intended to be an assignment of size 1 IP No.

Out of memory! Noticed that when the no of assignments are very large, like 5000+ per allocation default data segment size of BSDI 3.1 is not enough. Increasing to 64 M Bytes may help. in bash shell ulimit -d 65536 eg. de.schlund

IANA Delegated blocks smaller than /8 If the allocations are outside 192,193,194,195,212 /8 and LIR allocation is same inetnum as in /ncc/ip-reg/delegations asused2 will return No allocations in RIPE DB. eg. de.callisto


Antony Antony <[email protected]> . RIPE NCC software group. <[email protected]>