Audio::MPD::Common(3) common helper classes for mpd


version 2.003


Depending on whether you're using a POE-aware environment or not, people wanting to tinker with mpd (Music Player Daemon) will use either POE::Component::Client::MPD or Audio::MPD.

But even if the run-cores of those two modules differ completely, they are using the exact same common classes to represent the various mpd states and information.

Therefore, those common classes have been outsourced to Audio::MPD::Common.

This module does not export any methods, but the dist provides the following classes that you can query with perldoc:

  • Audio::MPD::Common::Item
  • Audio::MPD::Common::Item::Directory
  • Audio::MPD::Common::Item::Playlist
  • Audio::MPD::Common::Item::Song
  • Audio::MPD::Common::Stats
  • Audio::MPD::Common::Status
  • Audio::MPD::Common::Time
  • Audio::MPD::Common::Types

Note that those modules should not be of any use outside the two mpd modules afore-mentioned.


Jerome Quelin


This software is copyright (c) 2007 by Jerome Quelin.

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