Audio::MPD::Common::Status(3) class representing MPD status


version 2.003


The MPD server maintains some information on its current state. Those information can be queried with mpd modules. Some of those information are served to you as an Audio::MPD::Common::Status object.

An Audio::MPD::Common::Status object does not update itself regularly, and thus should be used immediately.

Note: one should never ever instantiate an Audio::MPD::Common::Status object directly - use the mpd modules instead.



A string with the sample rate of the song currently playing, number of bits of the output and number of channels (2 for stereo) - separated by a colon.


The instantaneous bitrate in kbps.


May appear in special error cases, such as when disabling output.


The playlist version number, that changes every time the playlist is updated.


The number of songs in the playlist.


Whether the playlist is read randomly or not.


Whether the song is repeated or not.


The offset of the song currently played in the playlist.


The song id (MPD id) of the song currently played.


The state of MPD server. Either "play", "stop" or "pause".


An Audio::MPD::Common::Time object, representing the time elapsed / remainging and total. See the associated pod for more details.


An integer, representing the current update job.


The current MPD volume - an integer between 0 and 100.


The crossfade in seconds.


Jerome Quelin


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