axgetmsg(1) download selected messages from F6FBB BBS


axgetmsg -p <port> -c <mycall> -b <bbs> [-f <listfile>] [-d <dir>] [-v] [-D] [nr1 [nr2] ...]


Axgetmsg connects the BBS and downloads specified messages using compressed forward protocol. Each messages is stored to a single file in the destination directory.


-p port
Specifies the AX.25 port name used for communication with BBS.
-c mycall
Sets the callsign of axgetmsg.
-b bbs
The AX.25 path to the BBS: BBS_call [digi [digi] ...]
-f listfile
listfile contains the message numbers for download separated by whitespaces. When the listfile is specified, message numbers given via the command line are ignored.
-d dir
Spepcify the destination directory for storing messages.
Verbose operation.
Display debugging information.


The messages are specified by their numbers via the command line or using the listfile. For specifying personal messages the p letter can be added before the message number (e.g. p30981). The difference between bulletins and personal messages is that axgetmsg will remove the personal messages from the BBS after downloading them.


After the successful connect to the BBS axgetmsg attempts to execute the script /var/ax25/auth_agent and redirects its stdin and stdout to the BBS. The BBS callsign is passed as the first command line argument. The script should take actions needed for user's authorization to the BBS. When the script execution fails, axgetmsg continues downloading the messages without authorization.




Radek Burget OK2JBG <[email protected]>