C++ API Routines(3) C++-style interface built on top of CUDA runtime API.


template<class T > cudaChannelFormatDesc cudaCreateChannelDesc (void)
[C++ API] Returns a channel descriptor using the specified format

Detailed Description

\brief C++ high level API functions of the CUDA runtime API (cuda_runtime_api.h)

This section describes the C++ high level API functions of the CUDA runtime application programming interface. To use these functions, your application needs to be compiled with the nvcc compiler.

Function Documentation

template<class T > cudaChannelFormatDesc cudaCreateChannelDesc (void)

Returns a channel descriptor with format f and number of bits of each component x, y, z, and w. The cudaChannelFormatDesc is defined as:

  struct cudaChannelFormatDesc {
    int x, y, z, w;
    enum cudaChannelFormatKind f;

where cudaChannelFormatKind is one of cudaChannelFormatKindSigned, cudaChannelFormatKindUnsigned, or cudaChannelFormatKindFloat.


Channel descriptor with format f

See also:

cudaCreateChannelDesc (Low level), cudaGetChannelDesc, cudaGetTextureReference, cudaBindTexture (High level), cudaBindTexture (High level, inherited channel descriptor), cudaBindTexture2D (High level), cudaBindTextureToArray (High level), cudaBindTextureToArray (High level, inherited channel descriptor), cudaUnbindTexture (High level), cudaGetTextureAlignmentOffset (High level)


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