Cache::FileBackend(3) a filesystem based persistence mechanism


The FileBackend class is used to persist data to the filesystem


my $backend = new Cache::FileBackend( '/tmp/FileCache', 3, 000 );
See Cache::Backend for the usage synopsis.
$backend->store( 'namespace', 'foo', 'bar' );
my $bar = $backend->restore( 'namespace', 'foo' );
my $size_of_bar = $backend->get_size( 'namespace', 'foo' );
foreach my $key ( $backend->get_keys( 'namespace' ) )
$backend->delete_key( 'namespace', $key );
foreach my $namespace ( $backend->get_namespaces( ) )
$backend->delete_namespace( $namespace );


See Cache::Backend for the API documentation.
new( $root, $depth, $directory_umask )
Construct a new FileBackend that writes data to the $root directory, automatically creates subdirectories $depth levels deep, and uses the umask of $directory_umask when creating directories.


The location of the parent directory in which to store the files
The branching factor of the subdirectories created to store the files
The umask to be used when creating directories


Original author: DeWitt Clinton <[email protected]>

Last author: $Author: dclinton $

Copyright (C) 2001-2003 DeWitt Clinton