calendarserver_purge_principals(8) Calendar Server deprovisioned user clean-up utility


[--completely ] [--config file ] [--dry-run ] [--verbose ] [--help ] guid [guid ...]


is a tool for removing one or more principals' future events, proxy assignments, and contacts from the calendar server. By default, events in the past are retained, but any ongoing events are canceled.

should be run as a user with the same privileges as the Calendar Server itself, as it needs to read and write data that belongs to the server.


-h, -help
Display usage information
-c, -completely
Delete/cancel all events
-f, -config FILE
Use the Calendar Server configuration specified in the given file. Defaults to /etc/caldavd/caldavd.plist.
-n, -dry-run
Calculate and display how many events and contacts would be removed, but don't actually remove them.
-v, -verbose
Print progress information.


The Calendar Server configuration file.