clojure-repl(1) Clojure read-eval-print loop


clojure-repl [-cp/-classpath classpath] [script.clj ...] [-- args ...]


This manual page documents briefly the clojure-repl command.

clojure-repl provides a read-eval-print loop (REPL) for the Clojure language. Any number of Clojure files can be provided as path arguments; these files are loaded in order, as if via load-file, before control is passed to the REPL. Script files are loaded into the same namespace in which the REPL runs.

clojure-repl binds *command-line-args* to a seq containing the (optional) arguments provided after the two dashes (--).

clojure-repl is deprecated; please instead use clojure(1) which includes a REPL mode.


A summary of options is included below.
-cp classpath, -classpath classpath
Specifies additional classpath elements. This option overrides the $CLASSPATH environment variable.


A listing of recognised environment variables is included below.
Specifies additional classpath elements.


clojure-repl is a wrapper script around a Java implementation by Rich Hickey <[email protected]>. The wrapper script was written by Peter Collingbourne <[email protected]>.

This manual page was written by Peter Collingbourne <[email protected]>, for the Debian project (but may be used by others).