cmafihe(1) Lojban word glosser


cmafihe [ -l ] [ -b ] [ -w width ] [ -p ] [ -v ] [filename]


cmafihe is a program that reads a piece of Lojban text. It writes out the text, showing the rough English translation of each word. It also shows the selma'o (category) to which each cmavo (grammar word) belongs.


Show the program version and exit.
Produce output for typesetting with LaTeX. The Lojban, selma'o and English translation are shown on separate lines for each word (or closely related group of words).
Output GNUStep property list containing vocabulary. (Only available if cmafihe was compiled with the PLIST option).
Produce plain text output in 'block' format.
-w width
Set the line width for the -b option (default 80).

The default is to write text to stdout. The Lojban words are shown without brackets. The selma'o information is in angle brackets. The English translation is in square brackets.

The name of the file containing text to be parsed. If omitted, the text is read from standard input.


This file contains all the dictionary data compiled (using smujajgau ) into a binary format to facilitate lookup and search.
The executable.


This should point to the name of the file containing the dictionary. The default is /usr/local/lib/jbofihe/smujmaji.dat


ju'oru'e so'imei (Surely there are many)

Home page for the jbofihe project (of which cmafihe is part)
Home page of the Lojban community
My Lojban page.


Richard Curnow <[email protected]>