confdb_key_delete(3) Delete a key/value pair from the Configuration Database


#include <corosync/confdb.h>

confdb_error_t confdb_key_delete(confdb_handle_t handle, unsignedint parent_object_handle , void *key_name , int key_name_len , void *value , int value_len );


The confdb_key_delete function removes a key/value pair from the configuration database.
You must specify both the key name and its value, this is because keys are not unique in the database, so a value is not enough to uniqely identify a key belonging to a particular parent object. Strictly, even give the key name and value is not enough to uniquely identify a key, If there are two (or more) keys with the same name and value, only the first will be deleted.


This call returns the CONFDB_OK value if successful, otherwise an error is returned.


The errors are undocumented.