Config::Model::models::LCDd::hd44780(3) Configuration class LCDd::hd44780


Configuration classes used by Config::Model

generated from LCDd.conf



If you have a switchable backlight. Optional. Type uniline. default: 'no'.


Set brightness of the backlight (lcd2usb and usb4all): Brightness is the brightness while the backlight is set to 'on'. Optional. Type integer. upstream_default: '800'.


Character map to to map ISO-8859-1 to the LCD's character set

(hd44780_koi8_r, hd44780_cp1251, hd44780_8859_5 and upd16314 are possible if compiled with additional charmaps) Optional. Type enum. choice: 'hd44780_default', 'hd44780_euro', 'ea_ks0073', 'sed1278f_0b', 'hd44780_koi8_r', 'hd44780_cp1251', 'hd44780_8859_5', 'upd16314'. upstream_default: 'hd44780_default'.


Select what type of connection. See documentation for availabe types. Optional. Type uniline. default: '4bit'.


Set the initial contrast (bwctusb, lcd2usb, and usb4all) Optional. Type integer. upstream_default: '800'.


You can reduce the inserted delays by setting this to false. On fast PCs it is possible your LCD does not respond correctly. Default: true. Optional. Type uniline. default: 'true'.


If your display is slow and cannot keep up with the flow of data from LCDd, garbage can appear on the LCDd. Set this delay factor to 2 or 4 to increase the delays. Default: 1. Optional. Type uniline. upstream_default: '2'.


Device of the serial, I2C, or SPI interface Optional. Type uniline. upstream_default: '/dev/lcd'.


If you have an HD66712, a KS0073 or another controller with 'extended mode', set this flag to get into 4-line mode. On displays with just two lines, do not set this flag. As an additional restriction, controllers with and without extended mode AND 4 lines cannot be mixed for those connection types that support more than one display! Optional. Type uniline. upstream_default: 'yes'.


Some displays (e.g. vdr-wakeup) need a message from the driver to that it is still alive. When set to a value bigger then null the character in the upper left corner is updated every <KeepAliveDisplay> seconds. Default: 0. Optional. Type uniline. upstream_default: '0'.


If you have a keypad you can assign keystrings to the keys. See documentation for used terms and how to wire it. For example to give directly connected key 4 the string ``Enter'', use:
  KeyDirect_4=Enter For matrix keys use the X and Y coordinates of the key:
  KeyMatrix_1_3=Enter. Optional. Type uniline. default: 'Enter'.


Optional. Type uniline. default: 'Up'.


Optional. Type uniline. default: 'Down'.


Optional. Type uniline. default: 'Escape'.


If you have a keypad connected. You may also need to configure the keypad layout further on in this file. Optional. Type uniline. default: 'no'.


Specifies if the last line is pixel addressable (yes) or it controls an underline effect (no). Optional. Type boolean. upstream_default: 'yes'.


In extended mode, on some controllers like the ST7036 (in 3 line mode) the next line in DDRAM won't start 0x20 higher. Optional. Type uniline. upstream_default: '0x20'.


OffBrightness is the brightness while the backlight is set to 'off'. Optional. Type integer. upstream_default: '300'.


If you have the additional output port (``bargraph'') and you want to be able to control it with the lcdproc OUTPUT command. Optional. Type uniline. default: 'no'.


I/O address of the LPT port. Usual values are: 0x278, 0x378 and 0x3BC. For I2C connections this sets the slave address (usually 0x20). Optional. Type uniline. default: '0x378'.


If you experience occasional garbage on your display you can use this option as workaround. If set to a value bigger than null it forces a full screen refresh <RefreshDiplay> seconds. Default: 0. Optional. Type uniline. upstream_default: '5'.


Specifies the size of the LCD. In case of multiple combined displays, this should be the total size. Optional. Type uniline. default: '20x4'.


Bitrate of the serial port (0 for interface default) Optional. Type uniline. default: '0'.


For multiple combined displays: how many lines does each display have. Vspan=2,2 means both displays have 2 lines. Optional. Type uniline. upstream_default: '2,2'.