Config::Model::models::LCDd::sed1520(3) Configuration class LCDd::sed1520


Configuration classes used by Config::Model

generated from LCDd.conf



On fast machines it may be necessary to slow down transfer to the display. If this value is set to zero, delay is disabled. Any value greater than zero slows down each write by one microsecond. Optional. Type integer. upstream_default: '1'.


The original wiring used an inverter to drive the control lines. If you do not use an inverter set haveInverter to no. Optional. Type boolean. upstream_default: 'yes'.


Select the interface type (wiring) for the display. Supported values are 68 for 68-style connection (RESET level high) and 80 for 80-style connection (RESET level low). Optional. Type enum. choice: '68', '80'. upstream_default: '80'.


On some displays column data in memory is mapped to segment lines from right to left. This is called inverted mapping (not to be confused with 'haveInverter' from above). Optional. Type boolean. upstream_default: 'no'.


Port where the LPT is. Usual values are 0x278, 0x378 and 0x3BC. Optional. Type uniline. default: '0x378'.


At least one display is reported (Everbouquet MG1203D) that requires sending three times 0xFF before a reset during initialization. Optional. Type boolean. upstream_default: 'no'.