dbSwiss(1) create DBM version of Swiss-Prot data


/usr/share/librg-utils-perl/dbSwiss [OPTIONS]

/usr/share/librg-utils-perl/dbSwiss --datadir /data/swissprot --infile /data/swissprot/uniprot_sprot.dat

/usr/share/librg-utils-perl/dbSwiss [--help] [--man]


dbSwiss creates DBM version of Swiss-Prot data. This procedure is to replace splitSwiss.pl. splitSwiss.pl saves Swiss-Prot records in separate files resulting in over 13 million relatively tiny files that take very long to create and rsync. dbSwiss instead saves each record into a DBM database that is optimized for fast retrieval.


-d, --datadir=path
directory of database files, default: '/mnt/project/rost_db/data/swissprot'
process only first 20 records, for debugging
-i, --infile=path
Swiss-Prot data flatfile, default: '/mnt/project/rost_db/data/swissprot/uniprot_sprot.dat'.
do not print progress status
read records back after storing and print them
name of database table and consequently the base name of database files, default: 'dbswiss'
-w, --workdir=path
Optional working directory. Automatically created and removed if not defined.


Laszlo Kajan <[email protected]>