debops-task(1) DebOps wrapper around ansible


$ debops-task <host-pattern> [-m module_name] [-a args] [options]

$ debops-task all -m setup

$ debops-task <somegroup> -m shell "touch /tmp/foo && rm -rf /tmp/foo"


Unlike the CLI utility debops (which is a wrapper around ansible-playbook), this command could be used to run single adhoc tasks against the configured hosts from the project directory. To run, it needs the configuration file ansible.cfg which is generated by a run of debops.


DebOps is developed by Maciej Delmanowski <[email protected]>, Nick Janetakis <[email protected]>, Hartmut Goebel <[email protected]>, and Robin Schneider <[email protected]>.

This manpage is written by Daniel Stender <[email protected]>.