debops(1) executes a DebOps project (deploys machine inventory)


$ debops [<filename.yml> ...] [options]

$ debops --limit <myhost>


The user doesn't need to specify any particular playbook, but the tool figures out what's needed. However, individual playbooks could be given. Even if no particular configuration has been taken place before, debops always executes a default playbook which includes a couple of standard services.

debops is a wrapper around ansible-playbook, and any parameters for that tool could be passed through.


DebOps is developed by Maciej Delmanowski <[email protected]>, Nick Janetakis <[email protected]>, Hartmut Goebel <[email protected]>, and Robin Schneider <[email protected]>.

This manpage is written by Daniel Stender <[email protected]>.