dh_haskell_blurb(1) standard haskell package description blurbs


dh_haskell_blurbs [debhelperĀ options] [-Xpackage] [--exclude=package] [file ...]


dh_haskell_blurbs is a debhelper program provides substvars for the standard blurbs occurring in Haskell package descriptions.

To use it, move the common parts of the description to the source stanza:

 X-Description: Cool library
  This is a pure Haskell implementation of coolness. It is cooler
  than implementation via foreign languages, because we can.

And then use the following for every Haskell library package stanza, "dev", "prof" and "doc":

 Description: ${haskell:ShortDescription}${haskell:ShortBlurb}


Joachim Breitner <[email protected]>