dtpcsend(1) Delay-Tolerant Payload Conditioning transmission test program


dtpcsend nbr_of_cycles rate payload_size topic_ID profile_ID destination_endpoint


dtpcsend uses DTPC to send nbr_of_cycles application data items of payload_size bytes each on topic topic_ID to destination_endpoint using transmission profile profile_ID at rate bits per second.

rate must be between 1000 and 200 million bits per second.

payload_size must be between 2 and 1 million bytes. To use application data item sizes chosen at random from the range 1 to 65536, specify payload_size = 1.

NOTE that dtpcsend invokes an elision function that removes from the outbound DTPC aggregate ADU all records that are of the same size as the first record in that aggregation. This means that specifying any payload size other than 1 that is less than the configured DTPC aggregation size limit will cause DTPC to issue ADUs only when the aggregation time limit is exceeded, and each such ADU will always contain only a single record.

Use CTRL-C to terminate the program.


No configuration files are needed.


No environment variables apply.


Report bugs to <[email protected]>