ecaccess-event-send(1) Trigger an ECaccess Event


ecaccess-event-send -version|-help|-manual

ecaccess-event-send [-debug] [-environment variables] [-delay duration] [-at date] event-id sequence


Allow triggering the event specified by its event-id. The sequence number should always be greater than the last sequence submitted. The specified environment parameters are passed to the jobs before submissions. The triggering of the event can also be delayed or started at a later time if required. As a result the number of notification(s) updated is displayed.


The identifier of the Event to trigger.
The sequence number for the triggering (must be an integer between 0 and 2147483647).


-environment variables
Specify which environment variables to pass to the jobs. Multiple variables should be separated by a semi-column (e.g. ``PARAM1=xxx;PARAM2=yyy'').
-delay duration
Allow delaying the submission of the event (default: no delay). The duration is specified in [w]eeks, [d]ays, [h]ours, [m]inutes or [s]econds (e.g. 1w or 2d).
-at date
Specify the starting date for the event (default: immediate submission). The format of the date is ``yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm'' (e.g. ``2011-01-19 12:17'').
Display version number and exits.
Print a brief help message and exits.
Prints the manual page and exits.
-retry count
Number of SSL connection retries per 5s to ECMWF. This parameter only apply to the initial SSL connection initiated by the command to the ECMWF server. It does not apply to all the subsequent requests made afteward as it is mainly targeting errors that can happen from time to time during the SSL handshake. Default is no retry.
Display the SOAP and SSL messages exchanged.


ecaccess-event-send 167 2000

Trigger the event 167 with a sequence number of 2000.

ecaccess-event-send -delay 1d 167 2000

Trigger the same event as in the previous example in 24 hours.