fdutilsconfig(8) configure the suid bit of fdmount




The fdutilsconfig script provides an interactive way to configure the suid bit of the fdmount(1) binary. It asks you some questions, give you a hint if needed, and enters your choice to /etc/fdmount.conf file.

When upgrading the Debian fdutils package, the suid bit information stored in /etc/fdmount.conf is used to tell the new fdmount binary to keep your old suid bit settings.

The script makes use of the suidmanager Debian package, if it is installed. If the script cannot find it, it manipulates the suid bit directly via `chmod u+s' command.


fdutilsconfig reads and writes the configuration from /etc/fdmount.conf. This file is usually created when the fdutils package is installed for the first time. Please don't edit /etc/fdmount.conf manually! Use fdutilsconfig instead.


This script was written exclusively for the Debian GNU/Linux distribution. It is not a part of the upstream fdutils sources.


fdutilsconfig was adapted by Anthony Fok <[email protected]> from the gnuplotconfig script written by Tibor Simko <[email protected]>.