tracepktdump(1) output packets in human readable format


tracepktdump [ -f exp | --filter=exp ] [ -c num | --count=num ] inputuri ...


tracepktdump verbosely outputs packets in a human readable form, suitable for diagnosing packets.

tracepktdump uses the libpacketdump library. There is an example tracepktdump program in the examples directory that shows how to use libpacketdump.

-f bpf-filter
--filter bpf-filter Output only packets that match the bpf-filter expression. See tcpdump(1) for the syntax of the bpf-filter expression.

-c num
--count num stop after displaying num packets.


More details about tracepktdump (and libtrace) can be found at


Perry Lorier <[email protected]>, Daniel Lawson <[email protected]>