filter-regex(8) smtpd filter for regular expression filtering


[-l limit ] [file ]


is a filter for smtpd(8) which can be used to filter mails using regular expressions matching SMTP session parameters.

The options are as follows:

-l limit
Set the number of lines limit of after which the regular expression processing is stopped and the mail is accepted. The accepted values are within the range of 1 and UINT_MAX.

The default limit value is 0 (unlimited).

Depending if one of the regular expressions matches mails are either accepted or rejected with a SMTP 554 reply. Non-matching mails are always accepted.


Default configuration file.


The first version of was written in 2015.


was intially written by An Armin Wolfermann Aq Mt [email protected] and further improved by An Joerg Jung Aq Mt [email protected] .