foodcritic(1) lint tool for chef cookbooks


foodcritic [options...] cookbook...

foodcritic [options...] --list


foodcritic makes it easier to flag problems in your Chef cookbooks that will cause Chef to blow up when you attempt to converge. This is about faster feedback.

Each cookbook path specified will be examined for common problems and poor style.


-t, --tags TAGS
Only check against rules with the specified tags. Prefix tags with a tilde ~ to exclude rules.
-l, --list
Do not perform a lint check; instead simply list the rules that would be enabled based on the defaults and the rule selection options (-t, -I)
-f, --epic-fail TAGS
Exit non-zero if any of the specified tags are matched. Use the pseudo-tag any to fail if any tag is matched.
-c, --chef-version VERSION
Only check against rules valid for this version of Chef.
-B, --cookbook-path
Cookbook path(s) to check.
-C, --[no-]context
Show lines matched against rather than the default summary.
-E, --environment-path
Environment path(s) to check.
-I, --include PATH
Additional rule file path(s) to load.
-R, --role-path
Role path(s) to check.
-S, --search-grammar PATH
Specify grammar to use when validating search syntax. (Default: the grammar of any installed Chef)
-V, --version
Display the foodcritic version.
-X, --exclude PATH
Exclude path(s) from being linted.


By default, foodcritic will always return 0.

If --epic-fail is specified, then foodcritic will return 3 if any tags are matched.


foodcritic is Copyright 2011 by Andrew Crump.