fp-reg-decryptd(1) Accepts encrypted client registrations and forwards them to the facilitator.


fp-reg-decryptd ,--key=KEYFILE/


Facilitator-side daemon that reads base64-encoded encrypted client registrations and registers them with a local facilitator. This program exists on its own in order to isolate the reading of key material in a single process.
-d, --debug
don't daemonize, log to stdout.
-h, --help
show this help.
-k, --key=,KEYFILE/
read the private key from KEYFILE (required).
-l, --log FILENAME
write log to FILENAME (default "fp-reg-decryptd.log").
-p, --port PORT
listen on PORT (default 9003).
--pidfile FILENAME
write PID to FILENAME after daemonizing.
--privdrop-user USER
switch UID and GID to those of USER.
don't scrub IP addresses from logs.


Please report using https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor.