freefoam-execFlowFunctionObjects(1) Execute the set of functionObjects specified in the selected dictionary (which defaults to system/controlDict) for the selected set of times.


freefoam execFlowFunctionObjects [-noWrite] [-help] [-latestTime] [-noZero] [-constant] [-srcDoc] [-doc] [-time <time>] [-dict <dictionary name>] [-parallel] [-case <dir>]


The flow (p-U) and optionally turbulence fields are available for the function objects to operate on allowing forces and other related properties to be calculated in addition to cutting planes etc.



Suppress output to files.

-dict <dictionary name>

Use named dictionary instead of system/controlDict.


Ignore timestep 0.


Include the constant directory.

-time <time>

Apply only to specific time.


Only apply to latest time step.

-case <dir>

Case directory.


Run in parallel.


Display help message.


Display Doxygen API documentation page for this application.


Display Doxygen source documentation page for this application.


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Part of the freefoam(1) suite.


• Copyright © 2008-2012 Michael Wild.

• Copyright © 1991-2010 OpenCFD Ltd.