freefoam-surfaceSplitNonManifolds(1) Takes multiply connected surface and tries to split surface at multiply connected edges by duplicating points.


freefoam surfaceSplitNonManifolds <Foam surface file> <surface output file> [-case <dir>] [-srcDoc] [-debug] [-doc] [-help]


Introduces concept of - borderEdge. Edge with 4 faces connected to it. - borderPoint. Point connected to exactly 2 borderEdges. - borderLine. Connected list of borderEdges.

By duplicating borderPoints this will split borderLines. As a preprocessing step it can detect borderEdges without any borderPoints and explicitly split these triangles.

The problems in this algorithm are: - determining which two (of the four) faces form a surface. Done by walking face-edge-face while keeping and edge or point on the borderEdge borderPoint. - determining the outwards pointing normal to be used to slightly offset the duplicated point.

Uses sortedEdgeFaces quite a bit.

Is tested on simple borderLines resulting from extracting a surface from a hex mesh. Will quite possibly go wrong on more complicated border lines (i.e. ones forming a loop).

Dumps surface every so often since might take a long time to complete.


<Foam surface file>

TODO Detailed description of argument.

<surface output file>

TODO Detailed description of argument.


Generate debugging output.

-case <dir>

Case directory.


Display help message.


Display Doxygen API documentation page for this application.


Display Doxygen source documentation page for this application.


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Part of the freefoam(1) suite.


• Copyright © 2008-2012 Michael Wild.

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