fwcheck_psad(8) look for iptables rules that log and block unwanted packets.


fwcheck_psad [options]


fwcheck_psad parses the iptables ruleset on the underlying system to see if iptables has been configured to log and block unwanted packets by default. This program is called by psad , but can also be executed manually from the command line.


Specify path to the psad configuration file. By default this is /etc/psad/psad.conf.
Allow the user to analyze a specific rulset from a file rather than the local policy.
Analyze the local iptables ruleset and exit.
Look for specific log prefix defined through the FW_MSG_SEARCH variable(s) in the configuration file.
Specify path to psad lib directory.
Display the help message.


Michael Rash <[email protected]>


Send bug reports to [email protected] Suggestions and/or comments are always welcome as well.


psad is distributed under the GNU General Public License (GPL), and the latest version may be downloaded from: http://www.cipherdyne.org/