garbd(8) arbitrator daemon for Galera cluster


garbd [,options/] [,group address/]


garbd joins Galera cluster as an additional node for the purpose of establishing quorum in case of network partitioning. It can do so by serving:
a) as an odd node to prevent split-brains;
b) as a reference connection point outside a datacenter.
Arbitrator node must see all messages that the other nodes of the cluster see, however it does not process them any further and just discards them. As such it does not store any cluster state and can't be used to bootstrap the cluster, so it only can join existing cluster.



-d [ --daemon ]
Become daemon
-a [ --address ] arg
Group address in Galera format
-g [ --group ] arg
Group name
--sst arg
SST request string that contains SST request to trigger state snapshot dump (state backup) on one of the other nodes. For details refer to Galera documentation at
--donor arg
SST donor name (for state dump)
-o [ --options ] arg
GCS/GCOMM option list. It is likely to be the same as on other nodes of the cluster.
-l [ --log ] arg
Path to log file
-c [ --cfg ] arg
Path to configuration file. Configuration file contains garbd options in the form <option>=<value>, one option per line. Hash symbol starts comments. Example:

# garbd config file

Other options:

-v [ --version ]
Print version
-h [ --help ]
Show help message


The system wide configuration file for system service script on Debian-derived systems.
The system wide configuration file for system service script on Red Hat -derived systems.


See Galera bug tracker at


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