gpt-deps(8) Reports on an installation's package dependencies


gpt-deps [ -help -man -version ] DependencyTypes


gpt-deps is an experimental script which prints out an html file that contains a hyperlinked report of dependencies for packages installed at $GLOBUS_LOCATION. The output file is called ./deptable.html. One or more of the following dependency types can be reported:

  Runtime - Packages needed at runtime
  Setup - Packages needed to set up localization data such as 
          configuration files.
  Build - Packages needed to build other packages.

If you are confused by the dependency types, simply run 'gpt-deps Runtime Setup Build' and view ./deptree.html with your favorite browser. Be sure to set $GLOBUS_LOCATION.


Print a brief help message and exits.
Prints the manual page and exits.
Prints the version of GPT and exits.


Future versions will provide more flexibility in inputs, and output formats.


Michael Bletzinger <>