hg-fast-export(1) import hg repository into git


hg-fast-export [--quiet] [-r <repo>] [--force] [-m <max>] [-s] [-A <file>] [-M <name>] [-o <name>]


Import hg repository <repo> up to either tip or <max> If <repo> is omitted, use last hg repository as obtained from state file, GIT_DIR/hg2git-state by default.

Note: The argument order matters.


Maximum revision to import
--quiet Passed to git-fast-import(1)
Enable parsing Signed-off-by lines
Read author map from file (Same as in git-svnimport(1) and git-cvsimport(1))
Mercurial repository to import
Set the default branch name (default to 'master')
Use <name> as branch namespace to track upstream (eg 'origin')
Ignore validation errors when converting, and pass --force to git-fast-import(1)