HTMLDocument::addLocalForm(3) Add a form for the current application


ElementTree addLocalForm( ElementTree parent, Bool fileupload=false )


parent The parent element

fileupload Does this particular form allow file uploads. This argument can be omitted, for a default of disallowing them. Note that WebCommon.allowFileUploads(3kaya) must also be called for this to be successfully enabled.


This adds a form that points to the current web application to call a named function. You then need to use HTMLDocument.addLocalControlInput(3kaya) to choose the function to call.

If you are using mod_rewrite in Apache, or other methods of rewriting URLs at the webserver level, then you may need to call setAttribute(form,"action",rewritten) , as Kaya cannot know about this URL rewriting layer.

Note that in HTML form input controls may not be placed directly inside a form - you must add block-level elements to the form and add controls to those elements. The fieldset element is especially suited to this and the HTMLDocument.addFieldset(3kaya) function handles this.


Kaya standard library by Edwin Brady, Chris Morris and others ([email protected]). For further information see


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