ibcheckerrs(8) validate IB port (or node) and report errors in counters above threshold


ibcheckerrs [-h] [-b] [-v] [-G] [-T <threshold_file>] [-s(how_thresholds)] [-N | -nocolor] [-C ca_name] [-P ca_port] [-t(imeout) timeout_ms] <lid|guid> <port>


Check specified port (or node) and report errors that surpassed their predefined threshold. Port address is lid unless -G option is used to specify a GUID address. The predefined thresholds can be dumped using the -s option, and a user defined threshold_file (using the same format as the dump) can be specified using the -t <file> option.


-G use GUID address argument. In most cases, it is the Port GUID.

-s show predefined thresholds

-T use specified threshold file

-v increase the verbosity level

-b brief mode. Reduce the output to show only if errors are
        present, not what they are.

-N | -nocolor use mono rather than color mode

-C <ca_name> use the specified ca_name.

-P <ca_port> use the specified ca_port.

-t <timeout_ms> override the default timeout for the solicited mads.


ibcheckerrs 2 # check aggregated node counter for lid 2

ibcheckerrs 2 4 # check port counters for lid 2 port 4

ibcheckerrs -T xxx 2 # check node using xxx threshold file


Hal Rosenstock
<[email protected]>