icinga(8) network/systems status monitoring daemon


icinga [-h] [-v] [-s] [-d] <main_config_file>


icinga is a daemon program that monitors the status of various network accessible systems, devices, and more. For more information, please consult the online documentation available at http://www.icinga.org, or on your Icinga server's web page.


The main configuration file. On debian systems this defaults to /etc/icinga/icinga.cfg
A helpful usage message
Reads all data in the configuration files and performs a basic verification/sanity check. Always make sure you verify your config data before (re)starting Icinga.
Shows projected/recommended check scheduling information based on the current data in the configuration files.
Starts Icinga in daemon mode (instead of as a foreground process).


Default configuration directory for Icinga


Icinga was started as Nagios by Ethan Galstad <[email protected]>. Icinga is maintained by the Icinga Project <[email protected]>. This manual page was written by sean finney <[email protected]> for the Debian GNU/Linux operating system (but it may be freely used, modified, and redistributed by others).