im_guess_prefix(3) try to guess install directory

Other Alias



#include <vips/vips.h>

const char *im_guess_prefix( const char *argv0, const char *env_name )

const char *im_guess_libdir( const char *argv0, const char *env_name )


im_guess_prefix(3) tries to guess the install directory. You should pass in the value of argv[0] (the name your program was run as) as a clue to help it out, plus the name of the environment variable you let the user override your package install area with (eg. "VIPSHOME").

On success, im_guess_prefix(3) returns the prefix it discovered, and as a side effect, sets the environment variable (if it's not set).

im_guess_prefix(3) is useful for programs in the VIPS distribution and contrib which need to be able to find data files.

Don't free the return string!

im_guess_libdir(3) works exactly as im_guess_prefix(3) but, if vips has not been moved since configure, returns the libdir configure setting. If vips has been moved, it returns prefix/lib.


The function returns NULL on failure.