im_png2vips(3) convert PNG images to and from VIPS format


#include <vips/vips.h>

int im_png2vips( const char *filename, IMAGE *out )

int im_vips2png( IMAGE *in, const char *filename )


im_png2vips(3) reads the png image in filename, and writes the image out in VIPS format.

im_vips2png(3) reads the image in and writes a PNG file to the specified filename. The filename may include an optional mode string, following a ':' character, which you can use to specify compression and interlace.

The mode string has the following syntax:


where <compression> is an integer between 0 and 9 specifying the amount of compression (6 is the default), and <interlace> is 0 for no interlace (this is the default) and 1 for ADAM7 interlace.

Beware that writing an interlaced image is potentially up to 7 times slower than writing a non-interlaced image.

The image is automatically converted to RGB or Monochrome (with an optional alpha channel) before saving.


The call:

  im_vips2png fred.v fred.png 

Writes a compression 6, uninterlaced PNG image.

  im_vips2png fred.v fred.tif:,1

Writes an interlaced image.


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